Harlem On My Mind

A dynamic musical journey through the “Harlem Renaissance” created and performed by Julia. Experience the poetry of Langston Hughes, the larger than life personalities of Bessie Smith, Ethel Waters and Josephine Baker while celebrating the music of “Duke” Ellington, Thomas “Fats” Waller, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin and more.

“Harlem On My Mind” features a smoking hot trio with superb musical talents and lively choreography. The show is directed by the late Shauneille Perry, renowned director, writer and educator. 



Photo courtesy of “The Kate.”

Photo courtesy of “The Kate.”


Harlem on My Mind, is a perfect example of educating through the performing arts.

Dr. Marisa Calvi-Rogers

Education Coordinator, Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, Old Saybrook, CT

Julia Breanetta Simpson really brings the Harlem Renaissance alive for audiences of all ages, deftly combining familiar jazz standards with a story line that reflects the history of the time. Julia radiates warmth and charm.

Theresa Kump Leghorn

Director, Museum Arts & Culture, New Rochelle, New York

Julia was an absolutely amazing charismatic performer and a true diva! From the beginning until the end, not only did Julia capture the attention of the audience but she convinced everyone that they were living in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance! I received many thanks from audience members who all had a great experience watching and listening to “Harlem on My Mind.”

Mark Shimnoski

Library Director, Wyandanch Public Library

Julia Breanetta Simpson has been an exemplary supplement to our instruction at The School at Columbia University. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Ms. Simpson, for she has been a part of our social studies instruction in Third Grade.

I continue to be impressed with Ms. Simpson’s professionalism. Poised, personable and knowledgeable, she is clearly equipped to teach students about periods of African-American history from multiple perspectives to different age groups. She captivates her audience with charisma and a fusion of compelling storytelling and music.

I am confident that Ms. Simpson would be an incredible asset to any school’s instructional programming.

Francoise Saint-Clair

Lead Teacher

Julia and the Harlem on My Mind Band” swept our special needs children off their feet from the moment the show started. 300 students who were either severely emotionally disturbed or visually impaired were entranced the entire show. Our school was ecstatic for a week afterwards. Julia, we love you!

Dr. Frank Raddock, Psychologist

Lead Teacher, The New York Institute for Special Education

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