How Sweet the Sound

“How Sweet The Sound”, explores the evolution of American music from slavery to the “Jazz Age”. This interactive program includes singing and dancing. It is ideal for audiences age 5 and up.



Photo credit: Jimmy Durante and Stephanie Schleicher



Dear Julia,

On behalf of the entire Music at Asbury committee, I want to thank you for the phenomenal program you performed here at Asbury last Sunday! It was a privilege to present you in the program, “How Sweet the Sound,” which gave our audience members a wonderful insight into the evolution of American music from slavery to the jazz age.

You are a compelling artist with a beautiful voice and a dynamic presentation, backed up by a band that is top-notch. Your program was thoughtfully curated, informative, and engaging for audience members of all ages and musical backgrounds. We loved how you used the space of our sanctuary, included the audience, and made the music “come alive.” “How Sweet the Sound” was certainly a highlight of our Music at Asbury series!

You and Lorraine were so professional in all respects and were an absolute pleasure to work with from the first interaction to the post-event wrap up. We especially appreciated your efforts to help us publicize the concert, which resulted in many new audience members attending our series. We look forward to welcoming you back to the Asbury stage with another of your wonderful programs in the near future.

Again, thank you for your artistry, your professionalism, and your generosity of spirit. You are a treasure!

Mary T.

Minister of Music

Ms. Simpson has lit up our stage, educated, inspired and enriched the lives of the students at The New York Institute for Special Education for 8 years. Both students and staff look forward to her annual presentation to help us celebrate Black History Month. This year was no different! Inspired by history, the original, intelligent and historical musical presentation of “How Sweet the Sound” by Julia Simpson, was amazing, entertaining and riveting. Incorporating a variety of musical genres, our students were introduced to American classics such as “Birth of the Blues” and “Maple Leaf Rag.”

While appropriate and entertaining for children ages 6-21, Ms. Simpson’s performance is always motivational for many of our older children who have dreams of being performing artists. After the performance, Ms. Simpson and her musicians answer questions about the performance as well as the development of their various skills and talents. This offers students the opportunity to learn more about how Ms. Simpson and the musicians acquired their education and honed their talents. The value of these life lessons is immeasurable.

The well organized and coordinated efforts of Ms. Lorraine Godwin, Ms. Simpson’s Managing Director, enabled our school to facilitate and provide an amazing opportunity for our students to experience and celebrate Black History Month in a very special way.

It is with deep and genuine appreciation that I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Simpson, Ms. Godwin and the musicians for an exceptional experience in “How Sweet the Sound.”

Tina P.